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Brink’s Cash Vault Services

Brink's Cash Vault Services help you better manage your cash operations while shifting the risk of loss, cost of staffing, and investment in equipment and facilities to Brink's. Combined with Brink’s CompuSafe®, Brink’s iDepositSM, Brink’s Check Imaging and other cash management services, Brink’s Cash Vault Services create a powerful solution for financial institutions and their commercial customers.

Brink’s Cash Vault Services include:

  • Currency Inventory Management: Brink's maintains currency in secure vaults on your behalf, managing the inventory for cash shipment consolidation, Federal Reserve breakdowns, standing and on-demand change orders, and other needs.
  • Branch Deposit Processing: Brink’s verifies and manages branch deposits, holding them in inventory or shipping cash to Federal Reserve.
  • Branch Cash Orders: Using Brink’s automated cash ordering system, branches order cash, by denomination, for delivery to meet customer needs or as part of their scheduled armored transportation service.
  • Federal Reserve Shipment Processing: Brink's receives Federal Reserve shipments and breaks them down to fulfill individual branch orders, commercial customer change orders, ATM replenishments and inventory needs.
  • ATM Replenishment Order Processing: Brink’s processes ATM replenishment orders from your currency inventory or from Federal Reserve shipments, as necessary, to ensure optimal cash management.
  • Commercial Deposit Processing: Brink’s processes cash-only, check-only and mixed cash-and-check commercial deposits on behalf of your institution. Deposit posting options include:
    • Check Image File: Brink's utilizes Check Imaging technology to convert the deposit ticket, cash-in ticket, and checks to an electronic image file and sends a balanced deposit to the bank for posting. The physical paper is held for 21 to 28 days before it is securely destroyed.
    • Electronic Posting File: Brink's can provide an electronic file for posting to the commercial customer's checking account. These files also can be used to provide provisional credit. The physical deposit tickets are held or sent to the customer, depending on their processing requirements.
    • Courier to Financial Institution Proof Department: Brink's can bundle the physical deposit ticket, cash-in ticket, and checks together for courier pickup and delivery to the financial institution’s proof department for processing.
  • Commercial Change Order Fulfillment: Commercial customers can submit change order requests online using the Brink’s iOrder system or by telephone with our dual-language Voice Response Unit. Using your currency inventories, Brink’s fulfills the change order requests and records the details for online monitoring and reconciliation available through our suite of Web Information Reporting tools.
  • Brink’s Information Reporting: Designed to support financial institution and commercial customer reporting needs throughout the entire cash cycle.
    • Financial Institutions
      • iInfoSM: Web-based reporting
      • iOrderSM: Web-based change orders
      • Electronic Data Files: Deposit posting, account analysis, settlement, order import, and custom reporting
    • Commercial Customers
      • iOrder: Web-based change orders
      • Voice Response Unit: Telephone change order system (English and Spanish voice prompts available)
      • Brink’s iDepositSM: Online deposit creation with tracking and reconciliation data.
      • eAdvice: Mail, fax and email notification services
      • Electronic Data Files: Information reporting and order import files

Brink's Cash Vault Services deliver a complete cash processing outsourcing solution with the quality and reliability customers have come to expect from the industry leader. Cash Processing is our business. We leverage advanced technology, our extensive footprint, and experienced professionals to create a cash vault solution that adds value to your bottom line.

  • Expanded Geographic Reach: Brink’s can process commercial deposits through any of our cash vault locations nationwide, which means financial institutions can expand their reach and service customers without geographic restrictions.
  • Resource Flexibility: Brink's Cash Vault Services help to free up resources for more productive use while giving you virtually unlimited capacity to service customers.
  • Deeper Customer Relationships: Brink’s Cash Vault Services deliver “sticky” services that help financial institutions attract new business, and the quality and reliability that helps cultivate long-term relationships.