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CompuSafe® Service

Your cash isn't safe until it's CompuSafe®.

Running a retail operation has its rewards, but it has its fair share of challenges, too. Take cash, for instance. When business is booming, so is your cash intake. And the more cash you have, the more it's exposed to theft and shrinkage. What's more, this cash management-from manual counting and recounting to ordering change and reconciling deposits-can devour hours of staff time that could be spent servicing customers and managing your business.

Brink's CompuSafe® Service is a comprehensive line of intelligent safes designed for businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, car washes, retailers, movie theaters, utility companies, and others that accept cash payments. When installed at the point of sale or the back office, CompuSafe® intelligent safes help to eliminate discrepancies, reduce theft and free your staff from time-intensive tasks such as counting, recounting and auditing cash. HOW IT WORKS >>

The CompuSafe® Service includes:

  • CompuSafe® safe(s)
  • Armored service
  • Deposit processing and consolidation
  • Web-based reporting via iInfo
  • Electronic files sent to control reconciliation
  • Bank consolidation and virtual vaulting
  • Guaranteed amount of cash in cassettes report by the unit at pickup
  • Maintenance service by Brink's technicians
  • CompuSafe® Daily CreditTM available with certain Financial Institutions (restrictions apply)

The CompuSafe® Family of Products features:

CompuSafe® Service delivers tangible, bottom-line benefits whether you are looking across the organization or at specific needs within a department:

  • Security/Loss Prevention
  • Finance/Treasury Management
  • Operations/Marketing
  • More…
  • Improved Security and Loss Prevention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Cost Savings
  • More…

For a free, no obligation assessment of your security and cash management needs, please complete our online contact request or call 1-800-BRINKS-5.